Elevator Maintenance Programs

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Are you satisfied with your current elevator service provider? Carolina Elevator Service will provide a customized maintenance program for your elevators. All contracts are adjusted to your wants and needs. Call us and schedule a site visit survey and let us show you the difference.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide service to you.

Full Maintenance Contracts – Designed for routine maintenance, testing, parts and materials that are the result of normal wear and tear and emergency trouble call service.

Exam & Lubrication Contracts – Designed for regularly scheduled oiling and greasing of equipment,

minor adjustments and reports of any potential problems that are discovered. We will also provide

quotes to make any necessary repairs to keep your equipment safe, reliable and code compliant.


Have a service contract with another company? No problem! Our technicians are qualified to

maintain and repair all types and brands of elevator equipment.